Stop Sugar Cravings: How to Manage Your Sweet Tooth

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Stop Sugar Cravings: How to Manage Your Sweet Tooth

Sugar cravings are real, friends.

Finding it difficult to resist the sweet stuff? It’s not a problem with you. Sugar is addictive – it’s designed and marketed that way.

Sugar is actually more addictive than opioid drugs, claims a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Some experts have challenged the findings, but there’s no doubt that sugary snacks are difficult to resist.

Think about adverts for fruit juice, candy, chocolate, desserts, and your mouth is probably watering a little already.

How on earth do we start managing sugar cravings?

Not only is the actual taste addictive, but society encourages the idea of sweet treats as rewards when they actually cause a whole host of problems.

The First Step to Managing Sugar Cravings

You could try sugar-free alternatives, going cold turkey, cutting out all drinks other than water… the likelihood is that your preferred method of tackling sugar cravings might not resemble that of your partner, your best friend or your gym buddy.

The one thing that we all need to realize?

Mindset is the first step.

You’ve tried all manner of diets and programs. You really do want to work on your sugar cravings.

So why do you keep falling off the wagon?

Going on a diet without taking the time to examine your mindset and approach, is actually a little like trying to drive with your foot on the brakes.

I don’t doubt for a second that you have great intentions, but if your thought process is simply:


“eat less sugar, it’s bad for me, I want to lose weight”


Then that isn’t going to keep you strong when the kids leave candy out after a stressful day. It’s not going to get you through a tough afternoon when you’re at your desk feeling  sleepy and like you just need a hint of something sweet.

What does cutting down on sugar really mean to you?

Perhaps it means having more energy than you’ve had  in years. Maybe it’s part of an attitude of self-care towards your body.

Getting into the right mindset is a slightly different process for everyone.

Some thrive on accountability  and others have rebellious streaks.  Then there are those who want to compete against their ‘yesterday’ selves!

Take the time to understand your mindset before you try another diet. 

Learn what you really want to achieve by eating less sugar.  

Know that you completely deserve to feel good in your body.

Believe that you can kick sugar cravings.

For some people, this challenge of tackling your mindset sounds even worse than the prospect of a fasting diet!

The truth?

It’s about understanding your goal, plotting your steps to get there, and being supported in your journey by knowledge, compassion and self-belief.

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