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Living Longer

As we all know, no one is exempt from aging; however, our paths to aging are not the same. People today are living longer, but most of us lack the quality of life we had when we were younger.

Proven Medical Approaches

Proven medical approaches to living a more healthy life takes into consideration genetics, nutrition and lifestyle, hormone balancing, digestive health, stress and each patient’s…

Preventive Medicine

Unlimited Health Institute is a preventive medicine practice, delivering comprehensive healthcare focusing on the whole person-mind, body and soul.

About me

Dr. Tamika C. Henry, MD, MBA

Dr. Tamika C. Henry, a native of Southern California, is a board-certified family physician, and has received extensive training in the area of bariatric medicine (non-surgical medical weight-loss) and bioidentical hormones. She completed both undergraduate and medical school at the University of Southern California.

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“Don't continue to allow life to happen to you; make a choice to take control of your future. Start by Unlimiting your thinking which Unlimits You.”

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