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Key Components of Functional Health

Biochemical Individuality – what works on one patient may be ineffective for certain individuals.

Interconnectedness of organ function – chronic illnesses often comprise multiple organ systems and are only resolved as a complex system. Working on digestion for example without working on detoxification or immunity may be ineffective.

Patient centered approach – by treating the individual with their specific history, genetic makeup, hormones and life style, we attempt to tailor more accurate and effective interventions.

Views health and disease as a continuum – health is a relative state with illness, disease and death at one end and health and vitality at the other. By understanding that most systems operate somewhere between dysfunctional and optimal levels, we judge health as interconnected physiological processes.

Learning to understand and address why your symptoms exist is the goal of functional medicine. Functional medicine is the art of understanding the root cause of your symptoms. It looks not only at the symptoms but rather it takes into consideration the environment, genetics, dietary habits, family history, stress, energy level, nutritional deficits, exercise and even your sleep pattern to name a few.

Functional medicine is what many people are searching for as they look to enhance their health. Many of you have seen your conventional health providers and often left the offices unheard, complaining of the same symptoms and basically just as frustrated as when you first walked through the office doors. For many, functional medicine has provided answers and results to their health concerns.  Functional medicine is so much more than addressing one, two or three symptoms it looks at the complete you. Remember, you are not your symptoms. You are so much more than a symptom.

Functional medicine looks at the allostatic load. Allostatic load is basically all that your body can handle before it breaks. The break can have various clinical manifestations skin outbreaks, increasing weight gain, back pain, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, constipation, no sex drive or just a feeling of not being who you desire to be in life. Functional medicine provides us a way to discover the root cause to the physical, mental, emotional break in your health.

If you want to get away from a pill for every ill and look past just having the quick fix then, then I invite you step outside of what many describe as conventional thinking.  Step into a path that looks below the surface and aims to discover the why behind your undesirable health symptoms.

The question remains, Is functional medicine right for you? If so, then your next step is to call and schedule a Free Discovery Session with Dr. Henry. Making the call places you that much closer to the health you desire and deserve. You have been contemplating long enough and now your intention  of  getting help requires action and you can do that by calling 626-389-8922 and making the appointment or click here and schedule an appointment. Really,  it’s just that easy.