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“I simply adore Dr. Henry! Every time I talk to her, I am assured of 3 things: joy, laughter, and solutions. Her pragmatic approach to functional medicine makes it easy to connect with the information and recommendations she provides. Dr. Henry has made me feel like I have a real partner in my health and wellness journey, one who listens and gives great advice. Her personality and bed-side manner make me look forward to our appointments and has made the road to optimizing my health and well-being 1000 x’s easier to navigate. I feel lucky to have found such a gem in the world of health care” – LD

“Dr. Tamika is worth every penny! I enjoyed her thorough approach to functional medicine. From the detailed breakdown of my current state of health she gave me along with a concise plan of action, I’m thankful to have found her! I’m currently living med-free of MS and Im so glad I’ve had such a great experience with her. Never once did she ever suggest medication for me, she only gave me the facts of what my blood work showed and gave great suggestions! Thank you Dr. Tamika!” – DR

“Dr Henry has taken care of my wife and in a few months she is off insulin and doing great. She is the best doctor we had ever!” – LDG

“As a trainer for more than 30 years I’ve met scores of wonderful doctors that led the pack in their particular fields of medicine. When I met Dr. Tamika Henry some years ago I was impressed by her vast knowledge of traditional as well as more natural and effective methods of medicine for today’s world. As a former world champion now in my 50’s, I still challenge myself physically and I do it with confidence knowing Dr. Tamika Henry has my back. Her advice and support is woven into my personal health plan. If you have a health need or concern take it from me, former Mr. Natural Universe, call Dr. Tamika Henry. You’ll be glad you did.” – LW

“All I can say is Dr. Tamika Henry is AMAZING!! She is fun creative ambitious motivating and most of approachable. She makes me feel comfortable coming to her with whatever issues I am dealing with and most of all she actually listens and hears what is ailing you and then gives feed back based on your individual needs all while trying to get to the root of your problem. It feels good to go to a warm comfortable and inviting space. Thank you Dr. Henry!! Good Job!” – BA

“Dr. Henry is FANTASTIC ! I have never felt so comfortable with a doctor. She is so approachable. She makes the office visit fun. She really listens to all of my complaints and never rush me. She makes me feel like family. She is always encouraging and motivating. I don’t know how I survived so long without a doctor like her. She is the best. Thank You Dr. Henry” – DP

“I have known Dr. Tamika Henry for more than 20 years. Even before becoming a Physician Dr. Henry exhibited intellect and care for people and their well-being. Dr. Henry is also bilingual, which speaks to her understanding of looking to be open to the diversity of patience needs. Unbeknownst to those who have yet to come to know her, she also has a wonderful sense of humor; which serves to balance out her serious approach when addressing the sensitive nature of her practice. I strongly recommend Dr. Tamika Henry to my family, friends and any person seeking a caring and competent physician.” – JC

“Dr. Henry is absolutely caring and very concerned for her patients and it shows in her practice (Unlimited Health Institute). She knows what you need and how to get to the root of the problem and then works on it until it is complete. The program that I followed was pleasant, not difficult at all. The results were positive. I feel better, sleep better and I even lost twenty pounds. I am thankful to have found Unlimited Health Instroute, Dr. Henry is committed in making sure you become your best self.” – RG

“In March, when the urgent care physician treated my foot infection, he determined that I also had diabetes mellitus type 2. At that time, my blood sugar was 569 and HbA1c was 12.6. He prescribed Metformin 500 mg once a day and after one week, since my daily finger sticks remained over 300, he ordered Metformin 500 mg twice a day. However, my finger stick results were not improving. When I finally got an appointment with the endocrinologist, he ordered Janumet 50/500 mg twice a day which improved my blood sugars some, but I still had periods of finger sticks of 170 to over 200. When I finally made an appointment in May with Dr. Tamika Henry, she was confident that she could improve my health status and also decrease my daily diabetic medications. When I finally received my diabetic medications from Dr, Henry and after I only took them one day, my finger stick was below 120 and within a week, my morning finger sticks that usually were the worst were in the 90s. Also, my HbA1c in June went down to 6.6 and in August, I was able to eliminate my evening Janumet pill. When I had an other lab test the end of September, my HbA1c result was 4.8 and my endocrinologist reduced my Janumet to Metformin 500 mg only. By adhering to my diabetic meal plan and daily exercise regime, I am confident that I will be discontinuing the Metformin very soon. I recommend that every diabetic will get an appointment with Dr Henry to improve blood sugar results, for mine improved so much that my life with diabetes is a joy to live with. Thank you again, Dr. Henry!” – SF, RN

“Dr. Henry was truly a God-send. When I came to her I was at the end of my rope having exhausted conventional medicine but still feeling I needed answers and support. Working with Dr. Henry, I’ve never felt rushed, talked down to or disbelieved. She’s always taken my symptoms and honestly examined them and helped lead me to root causes and ways to improve my situation. From getting blood work done, to the 30 day program to ongoing communication, I’m so thankful I know Dr. Henry and can trust her with my health. Even with the CoronaVirus pandemic, she’s been levelheaded, supportive and guided me with wisdom. My physical and mental health have greatly improved since working with Dr. Henry. Thank you.” -AC