Non-surgical Medical Weight Loss

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Non-surgical Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Henry is a board certified physician who has extensive training in bariatric medicine (non-surgical medical weight loss) and is an active member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. At Unlimited Health Institute, Dr. Henry provides a concierge-style practice which offers practical, sustainable, and enjoyable care. She focuses on improving her patient’s overall health and long- term weight loss achievement.

Her approach to weight management increases her patients overall success. Dr. Henry helps her patients understand the many factors that can affect weight control by assessing the influence of genetics, underlying disease, medications, diet, activity, environment, and the powerful mindset. She designs individualized, medically directed comprehensive weight management programs specific to each patients’ needs.

Dr. Henry spends EXTENSIVE time with her patients to fully evaluate their health condition, develop lasting solutions and obtain sustainable success.

Program Overview:

Initial Evaluation

Medical history and physical exam, lab tests, overview of program principles, body composition analysis, customized food plan, specific movement analysis and plan, and before photo for progress documentation.

Follow up visits:

Weekly office visits to track progress and measure success.

Maintenance Phase

Range from Monthly to quarterly visits depending on patient need.


and Dr. Henry is here to take the journey with you!