Gut Bacteria and it’s Impact on Weight

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Gut Bacteria and it’s Impact on Weight

The topic of weight is a never ending subject in homes, work, social events and even late night internal monologues.  There is no question that diet, sedentary lifestyles, environment and genetic predisposition are all associated with obesity. People battle with obesity on a daily basis. This subject  has caused researchers to take a different look at obesity from the inside out. The gut microbiota is being examined via the lens of its impact on weight.

The Gut Bacteria

The gut bacteria exists in billions of numbers and impacts blood sugar, fat storage, and the response to hormones that indicate if  people are hungry or full. There is also the gut bacteria’s involvement in diabetes, autoimmune disease and obesity when the gut microbiome is out of balance.

This article shows how researchers are no longer focusing on the quantity of gut bacteria but rather how they work,  impact the human body and our overall health. 

Obesity Linked To Less Diverse Gut Microbiome

What I found especially interesting was the various studies done that showed how obesity is being linked to a less diverse gut microbiome whereas, the  more diverse gut microbiome was associated with being more lean. The study showed an interaction between diet and gut bacteria and a predisposition to obesity. The more diverse the less likely for being obese and the opposite held true being less diverse.

This concept brings the thought of probiotics to mind.  Should we take probiotics to introduce more variety into our gut bacteria to help fight against obesity?

Start With The Basics 

Before we jump to that conclusion, it’s important to begin with the basics. We need to do our part and clean up our diet and then remove the processed and ultra processed foods.  We need to get away from the Western Diet which is increasing prevalence of obesity. A fast foods and a fully processed diet do not lend itself to a diverse gut microbiome. We need to be more mindful of what we are placing inside of our bodies.

The bottom line is to help fight against obesity we can’t believe that the probiotics alone with help diversify our gut microbiome. We need to eat clean, less processed  foods, increased vegetables, and exercise. All these play a role in our fight against obesity. 

Remember, obesity is multifactorial and needs to be approached from more than one angle. 

This is a review of “ How Gut bacteria Help Make Us Thin” case study. Check out the full study here.

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